Photo: Jesus Soap now available to ‘wash away Sins’

This world has truly come an end. What are we not going to see. You’ll see pastor talking God via on phone. You will see pastor whose feet must not touch the ground during ministration.

Now, there is a wonder soap called ‘Jesus soap’, it’s has seriously gone viral on internet. According to its description, it is a novelty soap that can be used to wash away your sins and get free from any guilt. It is meant to be use once in a day and that should be ‘at night’, reason is to wash away all the sins you might have commited during the day.
The soap is even available on Amazon and has currently sold out, as many who seeks to wash away their sins decided to buy everything.
Chats with some buyers review is as below:
A buyer said: “So much fun when you see the face of the person you gave it to. I bought several to give to my dirtiest friends.”

Another buyer said: “This is a very cute gift or stocking stuffer for good friends or family that can handle the presumption of a subtle jab at the lives we lead. We all need a good soul cleansing once in awhile.”

And another one: “This is a cute gift. I know the receiver will like it. Too bad we really can’t wash our sins away with this soap, but the Person on the soap can do it for us!”

End time soap.
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