OPINION: OUTSOURCING, A Menace to Nigerian Indigenous companies, Society and Economy (Part 1)

By Andre, February 15, 2017
Has Nigerians been indirectly sold out to modern slavery by
its government?

Why would Nigerian government allow foreign companies or so
call expatriates to kill indigenous companies or individuals to be killed by
foreign companies in the name of ties with some countries?

What is outsourcing?
It is the practice of having some specific job roles done
outside a company instead of allowing internal department(s) or employee(s) to handle
them; tasks can be outsourced to either a company or an individual. It could
mean employing offshore companies taking over some responsibilities within the
country, or outsourcing a job role to companies within the same country, i.e.
outsourcing to foreign or indigenous companies.
Outsourcing has become a major development in human
resources over the past years. It is said to be cost- effective if properly
managed. It is also a very good way of checking worker’s performance within a
company or government organisation.
Telecommunications, banking sector, manufacturing sectors,
government organisations, NGOs and so on are seriously taking advantage of this
system because of its numerous benefits.
Yes, Blah! Blah!! Blah!!! We can continue to talk about the
advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing but is Nigeria as a country ripe
for outsourcing some of its job functions or even companies to foreigners?
For me No! No!! No!!! Why? How many companies do we have in
the country that we will be calling upon other countries to assist us in
managing them? What are we manufacturing for now in the country that is difficult for its indigenes to handle
or manage? When you say we don’t have technical know-how, why not call on
expatriates to come and transfer the knowledge to us? Why are we the one to
transfer the little knowledge we have to those that have more than us? Example is
that of Ericson,
Huawei and MTN versus Nigeria NOC Engineers

What is Nigerian
government doing about the case?
Are they going to use a whole decade to
investigate as usual and will still come out with no result?
Outsourcing is supposed to Increase efficiency when it comes
to work rate and output but the truth is, it is not working in Nigeria. Another
very good case is that of MTN Nigeria contracting its customer care company to
an Indian company.
Many of its subscribers could recollect that MTN customer
care service was one of the best some years ago or even, let’s talk about months ago. Despite
its huge subscriber base, it was able to manage some good percentage when it
comes to resolving issues online.

From the customer’s END.
Now, as a subscriber, you can hardly call 180 and get your
issue resolved? Just calling for data activation, most of the customer care
agents will simple tell you, the application I am supposed to use is not
available. They no longer have applications to resolve customers’ issue, why?
Customer care agents are now crazily running after number of
calls as a result of the Average handling time (AHT) targets given to them. How
can you manage a customer with an AHT of 2minutes? Does it make sense? Yes,
give your workers target but make it a reasonable one. This reminds of Airtel
Nigeria customer care service too, same bad testimony as a subscriber.
It is an understatement to say Agents’ poor knowledge of the
companies’ products and services is also a contributing to this menace. It’s obvious that they were not properly
trained and managed on products and services
. Remember, we also have so many lazy agents who also fails to develop
, an issue on its own.
They are just like Kindergarten graduates handling US pentagon mainframe
systems. They don’t know what they are doing on systems.
A good example is calling an agent to help me de-activate an
auto renewal service on my daily blackberry subscription (when the service was
still available on MTNN network around December 2016). He did not even allow me
to finish my query before tell me that he has done it. Then I immediately asked
him that did you actually know that I was going to call in for that issue or is
your system that fast. His rude response was “thank you for choosing MTN” and
went ahead to hanged up the call on me. Yet my issue was not resolved, the auto
renewal service still took place the next day.
IS IT HIS FAULT NO? No proper monitoring. No proper
training. Agents are rushing to meet up. 
Agents are tired after crazy lengthy working
crazing hours.

Stay tuned for PART 2. 
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