Official Video of the Amazing Blackberry KeyOne

The BlackBerry Keyone has now been officially released.

The official video of the ‘Berry KeyOne has been released for you to see how the pure beauty of this device came to life. This could convince you to dip your fingers to the wet side of your pocket to get this phone by April.
The BlackBerry KeyOne product video starts with a shot of the physical QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry also uses the opportunity to get your attention by telling you about the all day battery life (BlackBerry record 3505mAh inside), the strong and beautiful aluminium body and the impact resistant display. 
But everything all comes back to the gorgeous QWERTY keyboard, which offers single-letter short cuts, on-screen navigation and flick typing.
The phones comes with Android 7.1 pre-installed to access over 1 million Android apps from the play store.
Check the video below:
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