Nokia sued by Blackberry for patent infringement

Just when Nokia is about waking up from very a deep and lengthy
sleep, Blackberry is looking for a way to give it another doze of hypnotic drugs.
Blackberry has accused Nokia of continual usage of its technology
without getting approval thus filing a patent infringement lawsuit against
It claimed that some Nokia products like radio network
controllers, Flexi Multiradio base stations and liquid software are making use
of some patients that belongs to blackberry.  Precisely, the lawsuit includes products and
services that use LTE networks, like T-Mobile and AT&T in the United States.
According to Blackberry, it acquired some of those patients
in question way back in 2011 as a member of a group that bought Nortel’s
patents for $4.5billion after the company went bankruptcy. 
Nokia actually made
attempt in buying these patents in 2009 before Notel’s bankruptcy proceedings
came up.

The suits reveals that BlackBerry is in quest of compensation
from Nokia for this illegal use of their technology, but the suit does not
point out how much in damages the company wish to get from Nokia.
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