Nigerians react as APC leaders visits Buhari in London

Nigerians have started reacting to the photo evidences sent
by the presidency on the account that President Muhammadu Buhari is receiving
Recall that Tellforceblog reported that the President
received Chief Bola Tinubu and Chief Bis Akande yesterday, Thursday, February
9, 2017.

Bimbo Ola : “Thank Almighty God….President Buhari
is doing well……The #wailers who never voted for President Buhari should
continue ranting senselessly.”

Emeka Mekus Mopao:
“So why did he not come out to
address Nigerians”

Ofonime Sam Uwem reacted
by saying “he looks really sick
while our vice president and Senate

president are telling us he is hale and

Meanwhile adesina and
buharis elder sister are asking Nigerians to pray for his (Buhari) health….
Wether dead or alive, we still don’t have a president.”

Chrisantus Emmy Hmmmm:
“so this is the only clothes our
president has? Adding: “Habah media, why are guys misleading us?”

Ahuruonye Nna
: “Baba (PMB) went with
only one cloth, and forgot to the aisha n tinubu to bring him cloth.”

Valentine Nwankwo:
“Nigerians should get ready to pack
their belongings to UK since the president has choosed to be governing the
country from there.”

Engr Osborn Essien:
“The drama continues! one day the
real news will come out! Nigerians are watching!”

Augustine Uzohuo : “videos speak louder than pictures. We
need videos”

Okafor Sandra Chidera:
“I am not understanding ,what stops
buhari from saying something, that is alive”

Onuoha Cletus: “If this picture is true,then take a
closer look at buhari right hand,i think that hand is lifeless.”

Bashiru Abdul Ibrahim:
“Mr president Baba Buhari we always wish you quick recovery.”

Caliante Silverado: “You people are just making a mockery
of the whole situation. Take a closer look at the pictures you posted, in the
first picture Buhari was literally hiding, in the second picture where tinubu
is seated beside him.
He looks totally worn
out and one can easily say he was placed to sit for a few seconds, if Buhari
loves the country like he claims he should start by loving himself a man who
loves himself, when he is sick he should man up handover to the next person
like that lying pastor professor osibanjo atleast we know he ain’t an honest
pastor but he is the next to take over and he looks fit and educated.
Power is not worth all
this buhari drama. If he is sick like he looks its easy for him to handover and
take care of himself. Black men and Africa should not continue with lies and
deceits by those in power.”

: “With all due
respect and love to the person of our dear president, please stop pasting
pictures of ‘Buhari meeting people’. It is starting to feel like you guys have experience
as ‘yahoo boys’ who use pictures to scam people. Seeing is believing. No need
to flog this issue. Let the man return in good health. Amin”

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