Nigeria ranked 7th in FIFA Ranking.

The latest FIFA rankings which was released today, Thursday,
reveals that Nigeria’s Super Eagles in spite of missing the just concluded
AFCON moved up nine places to become the 7th best team in Africa and 41st in
the world.
Egypt, despite giving away the AFCON cup to Cameroon at last
minute still rules the continent,

while Senegal is second and Cameroon is third
even with the AFCON Champs medal.

Below is a complete
list of the 10 best teams in Africa and the World Africa
1.   Egypt             -23rd in world
2.  Senegal         -31st in world
3.  Cameroon    -33rd in world
4.  Tunisia           -36th in world
5.  Congo DR     -37th in world
 6.  Burkina Faso -38th in world
7.   Nigeria           -41st in world
8.  Ghana            -45th in world
9.  Côte d’Ivoire
-47th in world
10. Morocco      
-48th in world
1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Germany
4. Chile
5. Belgium
6. France
7. Colombia
8. Portugal
9. Uruguay
10. Spain
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