Man shot wife in the buttocks for denying him sex

At age of 76, men can still be desperate for sex unlike a 76 year old female counterpart who would be have already been seeing sex as purnishment.
A 76-year-old, Donald Royce, has been arrested for shooting his wife in the buttocks because she

refused to dance to his music on bed as husband and wife. They were said to have been together for more than six year.

Donald is has been charged for an aggravated battery after he shot his 62-year-old bride which resulted from an argument over the couple’s sleeping arrangements, according to WFTX report. 
The couple stayed  together for six years and got married since August 2016, but they never had sex together.
Royce told deputies he was frustrated and just wanted to scare her by shooting the mattress but mistakenly shot her in the hip and buttocks.
“I shot her and the gun is in my room,” he told responding deputies.

Royce’s wife is recovering in a local hospital and describes the situation as being a “nightmare.”
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