Kuwait Visa
Kuwait has followed President Trump footsteps on the placing
bans on citizens of some Islamic countries.
The government’s decision was actually based on a number of
attacks in recent times and this left many people dead. The bombing of a Shia
mosque in 2015 will always be pertinent when assessing the effects of terrorism
in that region.
The Gulf state pledges to lift the bans as soon as the
security situation improves. The following

nationals of the countries that will
no longer be issued visas for now:

1. Syria
2. Iraq
3. Iran
4. Pakistan
5. Afghanistan

Even those already with Passport from this countries will no
longer be allowed to enter Kuwait with many of them being told not to apply
there for now. The citizens of the banned countries will not be able to perform
activities like obtain Kuwaiti visas for
visits, trade
or tourism
For a sometimes now, Syria
and Iraq have been busy in internal conflicts
while Pakistan and
Afghanistan have been experiencing serious unrest from insurgents.
Terrorist groups like the al-Qaeda and other Islamic militant
organisations in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq made Kuwait to place a ban
on the issuance of visas to citizens of these countries.
The report of a 64-country intern-nations survey stated that
Kuwait is the worst place in the world for expatriates in 2015. Recently, the
country had also passed a number of laws which never favoured foreigners and
this made it one of the most hostile Gulf States with regards to expatriates.

The ban on Syrians by Kuwait has already been in existence
since 2011 which means US is not the first country to place ban on Syrians.


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