President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has said on Saturday that he would in no way impose his successor on Zimbabweans, that the party will choose whoever is viable.

He said if the ruling ZANU-PF party feels its time for him to retire, it would choose a new leader by holding an extraordinary congress.
Recall that the Zimbabwean leader turned 93 this week, he has been on the country’s seat of power since independence from Britain in April 1980.
The oldest leader in the world, who is due to contest for re-election next year, claim the ruling party, ZANU-PF is yet to a capable candidate.
Some people have been reportedly requesting that the president should pick a successor before his retirement.
Mugabe said, “Others are saying ‘President, choose a successor before you retire.

“Is that not imposition, me imposing someone on the party, No, I don’t want that.

“This is an issue for the congress to choose, we can have an extraordinary congress if the president retires but you said I should be your candidate in the next election.”


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