How to Activate the new MTN Mobile Electricity System with DC to AC Converter.

MTN has launched their Mobile electricity service (DC to AC) powered by Lumos. With this service, you have access to 24/7 solar electricity without noise like the contemporary diesel or petrol engine generator, and fume-free. Subscribers can conveniently pay with their airtime from their MTN mobile phone.

Price and Subscription Types.

Commitment fee Plan Price per day Total plan price
One-time payment of 26,000 NGN upon joining the service 5 days ?200 ?1,000
10 days ?180 ?1,800
30 days ?150 ?4,500
90 days ?140 ?12,600
180 days ?130 ?23,400
365 days ?128 ?46,720
According to MTN, Prices are subject to change


  • Subscribers
    can use plug their existing AC appliances that is not more than 60W (LED TVs,
    Fans, Laptops, Phone chargers, etc.)
  • Convenient
    to pay your bills, tagging the subscription to the subscriber’s phone number
    for payment through airtime.


  • Limited power supply: 60W is too small to power some new high watts sound system.
  • IT is not really for the poor. How many poor people can recharge 200naira per day and not to talk of paying for just 60W electricity supply?

Where to get Mobile Electricity System

To sign up visit any local MTN store with your MTN SIM card registered in your name, a valid ID card and the names/details of two guarantors.


  • Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
  • Solar indoor unit
  • USB mobile phone charger
  • 2 powerful led bulbs
  • DC to AC converter

How To Activate Mobile electricity System

  1. Check that your MTN account (registered to Lumos service).
    has enough credit; you should always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase” deal. A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.
  2. Choose a plan from the options.
  3. SMS your chosen plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” to 317.
  4. Get confirmation SMS & start enjoying 24/7 electricity!

NOTE: MTN now offer Top-up, Auto renewal and daily fallback as options on all plans. To exit send Exit to 317 Choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money!

Refer a Friend and get Bonus

Share your Experience and get FREE light DAYS. Refer a friend or family member to join MTN Mobile Electricity Service and you and your friend will get bonus airtime!

How to refer

Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773.* Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service, your account will automatically be credited with free electricity. You will get 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days.


  1. You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your Lumos service.
  2. MTN must receive your SMS before your friend joins the service.
  3. Refer only one person per SMS. No Limit to the number of referrals per day.
  4. Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234.

For Example: If your friend’s number is 08031234567, SMS 2348031234567 to 08133134773.

Click here for FAQ

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