GTBank 737 mobile banking service is now more secure

Guaranty Trust Bank’s 737 mobile banking service had never
been secure even with the use of customers’ card last 4-digits pin. I wonder
why it took the bank several months to realise this.

Before now, as a GTB customer, if you wish to perform any
transaction on the GTB 737 platform, you would need to dial *737 and proceed to
carry out a transaction, then enter the last 4-digits pin of your ATM card as
PIN/password if required.

That is in no way safe enough, why? If anyone snatch your
phone and wallet with your ATM card inside, then you will start thinking of
death because you have freely given the thief access to your bank account. There
was no way to create a special pin for the service.
Now, it is safer, the GTB 737 service now needs a 4-digit
PIN to complete your transactions on the platform. That is definitely a more
secure system, better than the earlier method that uses only your ATM card’s
last 4 digits. 

How to create your
Base on the instructions given on GTBank’s website
  • Dial *737*5#
  • Input the last 6 digits of your debit card
  • Create your 4-digit PIN
  • You will require your 4-digit PIN to complete your
    transactions, so do not forget it.

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