LinkedIn REDESIGNS web appearance.

That social network meant for only professional as claimed by the owners, LinkedIn, they are very good in sending spam emails to our boxes, is announcing a big redesign today.

It was recently acquired by Microsoft and will be redefining the look of its users over the coming weeks. This seems to be the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception.

The new homepage reminds you of Facebook but once you settle down within two seconds, your brain reminds you that you on LinkedIn. It looks very clean compared to the old one (looks disordered).

LinkedIn uses words such as “intuitive”, “faster”, “seamless”, “streamlined”, “smarter”, and “richer” to label the new appearance.

The navigation bar now has seven core areas, while everything else is slipped under a more icon. A new real-time messaging UI has been introduced, which can be used from any part of the site. That feed we see when we log in is now modified by a blend of algorithms and humans, to show the important content.

You can see who is reading and engaging with the content you share, including their company, job title, and location. The search box is universal. Profile suggestions have been enhanced too.

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