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What Is MTN Blackberry Throttling?

Blackberry Throttling is just like fair usage policy, access policy or usage based billing; allows for a cap to be applied across all MTN Blackberry Plan when the user has reached a particular threshold.

The Subscriber will be alerted at 95% when inclusive data on Blackberry Plan is about to end, then throttling kicks in and restricts streaming and large data usage, however the throttling permits for social chat and light browsing to continue at pegged speed.

Note that existing data plans on subscribers MSISDN will not be affected by this throttling and the subscriber has to deactivate previous subscription if he/she chooses to activate a new Blackberry Plan when inclusive data is exhausted before expiration of current Blackberry Plan in use.

Here are examples of how one can answer BB Throttling related queries using this information.

  • Your data balance on BB plan is exhausted, you can only browse and enjoy social chat
  • To continue streaming and downloading heavy data, you need to cancel your active BB plan and re-subscribe for a new one.
  • You are unable to download and stream at the moment because; your data balance is low, hence your speed has been reduced to 4kbs, which limits you to browse and enjoy social chat.
  • If you have an active mobile data plan in addition to your existing BB subscription, you would be able to download, stream and carry out other related activities.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Blackberry Throttling?

  • Blackberry Throttling means when a customer’s blackberry data volume is exhausted while the service is still active, the service will be throttled to a lower speed which will only allow internet browsing and social chatting. Other internet activities like streaming, downloads or any heavy data activity will not be possible.

How will the customer know when he has exhausted his data?

  • A Notification message will be sent to alert the customers when he has reach 95% usage of his data

Will the throttling affect other data activities apart from internet browsing?

  • The throttling will not affect social chats but streaming, downloading or any other heavy data activities will be restricted.

Can the customer purchase another Blackberry Subscription after data has been exhausted?

  • The customer can purchase another blackberry service after exhausting his previous subscription but will have to cancel the existing one before initiating another.

What is the throttled speed when inclusive data bundle is reached?

  • The throttled speed when inclusive data bundle is reached is 4kbps

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