Airtel has introduced 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500 data plans. This is not a weekend plan, not a night plan but plans that currently works both day and night.

Before you jump up to high and hurt your head with a moving ceiling fan, you need to read and understand the below Facts about Airtel 2GB and 6GB.

Airtel 6GB For N500 and 2GB For N200

 Facts About the Airtel 6GB and 2GB Plan

  1. It is a new Plan
  2. It works on all devices except for coffin nailed Blackberry OS7
  3. Upon subscription, it automatically deactivate any existing data plan
  4. It only works on 2G network
  5. No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to 2G network or else it will just be looking at you in the eyes
  6. 2GB lasts you for 14days and 6GB lasts you for 28 days.

How To subscribe?

Dial *482#

Final Verdict

I want to believe Airtel just want to see if this plan will succeed or not. If you want to compete with Glo, come out and stop hiding under 2G network. What do you think?

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