Android One is an initiative by Google to make good-quality smartphones accessible to as many people as possible. The tech giant works with hardware partners to ship these devices in multiple countries around the world — India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Why Do We Need Android One?

While 1.75 billion people around the world already have a smartphone, the vast majority of the world’s population — over five billion more — do not. That means most people are only able to make simple voice calls, rather than connect with family through a live video chat, use mapping apps to find the closest hospital, or simply search the web. Google wants to bring these experiences to more people.

How does Android One work?

By merging good hardware with the latest software:

  1. Good hardware: Android One phones have good processing power, so users can get information quickly. They have high-quality front and back cameras. Apps and videos take up storage space, so these smartphones have ample memory as well as a micro-SD slot to add more. Google also added features that people in emerging markets will find particularly useful, like dual SIM cards, a replaceable battery and built-in FM radio.
  2. The latest software: To help ensure a consistent experience, Android One devices ship with the latest version of Android directly from Google. So users get all the latest features, up-to-date security patches, and peace of mind. Android One phones come with the latest and fastest version of Android and will automatically update to new versions.
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Hope you now you a clearer print of what Android One is all about? Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.




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